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Baths in hotel bedrooms and transparent loo doors – treat or travesty?

Are baths in hotel bedrooms a great hotel treat or just a ghastly design nonsense?

I only ask because almost every hotel I’ve stayed in recently has at least one room where the bath is in the bedroom – at the foot of the bed, sometimes, or in pride of place by the window – and I just think it would be the weirdest thing to have a bath while someone is in bed trying to watch the telly. Or am I missing out on a fabulous romantic experience?

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A step way, way too far for me though is taking intimacy one stage further, and having open-plan bathrooms – watch me in the shower! – or even – the horror – of transparent loo doors. This can NEVER be a good thing, surely? Have a look and see what you think…

It’s one of Dormy House’s smartest bedrooms – but look, there’s a bath just around the corner…

baths in hotel bedrooms

Just a few miles away it’s the equally lovely Barnsley House – but there’s a bath right at the end of the bed…

Barnsley House room with bath

At Dormy House’s neighbour, the award-winning luxury hotel Foxhill Manor, they’ve got two baths, facing each other (and yes, they’re both in the bedroom)

two baths

Here’s the wedding suite at Burley Manor in the New Forest… and yes, there’s a bath in the bedroom.

bath burley room with bed

We’re edging into intimate territory here at Danesfield House… there’s a bathroom and a bedroom – but they’re actually joined. Here’s the bath, just next to the bed…

bath Danesfield

And here’s the same room, with the view from the bed showing the shower cubicle. Which is totally see-through, meaning you can’t help but watch someone have a shower.

shower danesfield

lisa on loo

They also have transparent loo doors, as demonstrated here by my friend Lisa (she is posing for this picture, before you wonder otherwise).

Some hotels have gone for a different approach, and have two baths actually in the bathroom, which is quite a nice idea.

Here’s the bathroom in our room at the luxury hotel Bailffscourt hotel and spa.


daniel craig loo

Credit must also go to Foxhill Manor (again) for having a whole range of loos to choose from, featuring your favourite Bond. So you can go for Daniel, Sean, Timothy or Roger (sorry, no George).

roger moore loo

However nothing can make up for this from Foxhill – an entirely see-through bathroom, which is actually just by the main entrance to the bedroom. So the moment anyone walks in … well, let’s hope you don’t mind getting to know your bedroom companion really, really well…

Baths in hotel bedrooms

It’s Foxhill Manor. Again. With their piece de resistance, an entirely see-through bathroom.

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