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In defence (and memory) of little yellow photobombing cars

Back in January 2015 I wrote a blog post in defence of little yellow photobombing cars, as the car owned by Peter Maddox, 82-year old resident of Bibury village in the Cotswolds, had attracted the ire of tourists come to photograph Arlington Row, supposedly one of the prettiest streets in England. They were complaining that their photographs of said street were being ruined by Mr Maddox’s cheerful little Vauxhall Corsa.  Now it seems the car has been sent to that great Vauxhall garage in the sky by a vandal who destroyed Mr Maddox’s car beyond repair, while scrawling ‘move it’ on the bonnet.

Not only is this a horrible thing to do to anyone or their car, it totally misses the point of visiting living, breathing places inhabited by living, breathing people (and their means of transport): one of the attractions of Cotswolds villages such as Bibury is that they are real places, not museums covered in dust or protective barriers. If you want an uninterrupted, sterile, pristine picture of something – buy a postcard. Otherwise be happy that you had the privilege of travelling the world and recording what you see – not an artificial, sanitised version of it.

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So in defence (once again) and now in memory of photobombing little yellow cars everywhere, here’s my Fiat spoiling (or enhancing) the view at some of the loveliest hotels in the UK.

Not far from Bibury is the lovely Lords of the Manor hotel in Upper Slaughter. It has 8 acres of glorious gardens, a Michelin-starred restaurants, and a bright little yellow Fiat parked outside it… (click here for my review of Lords of the Manor)

The sky might be grey but there’s a splash of colour outside Ellenborough Park, a beautiful country house hotel perched just above Cheltenham Racecourse (click here for my review of Ellenborough Park)

The crunch of gravel under my car’s tyres was the start of a delightful stay at Barnsley House in Gloucestershire (click here for my review of Barnsley House)

It’s find the Fiat time… not to difficult to spot my car outside the grandeur of Hartwell House in Buckinghamshire, graced by the Queen Mother, Bill Clinton and now, a car straight out of Inbetweeners… (click here for my review of Hartwell House)

And don’t forget the other places my little Fiat has photobombed… earlier Fiat photos here

luton hoo hotel and spa

My little Fiat is ready for its close up…

As for those complaining tourists (and the mindless vandal), they’d better head to Bibury fast if they want a car-free picture. Mr Maddox is reportedly considering a lime green model this time…

Check out some the amazing hotels I’ve visited with my little yellow car below:

Hartwell House Aylesbury, Bucks: a hotel with the Downton Abbey factor

Barnsley House hotel and spa – a wonderfully cosy Cotswolds hideaway

Ellenborough Park hotel and spa: the perfect place for a day at the races




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